Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A New Chapter

it begin just a few weeks back.

Bought a laptop from a friend at a special discount price.

Started my degree program with Curtin. I am feeling so stress about this. I dont even know if I can cope....

So sorry my friends that I can't afford time for outings or even some simple hang outs, I am so tight up and trying my very best to cope with my program. Hope everyone understand.

There are classes on the following weeks until the end of the month, March. This is really no joke. Weekends is the time that I rest and hang out with friends and family, now that I have to make sacrifices, I felt so helpless. I have to give up some of my fav past time (in fact all) in order to just have more time on research and reading. When I mention more time, it doesn't mean enough time. I wonder how long I can put up with this.

God bless me through this 2 years degree program in Jesus name... AMEN!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Limited Edition Yellow Colour PSP = Vday Pressie 2008

I love this to core!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~~I am happy~~

~~Our PSP~~

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My Liz Claiborne & ME~

I have been REAL BUSY but I still manage to pamper myself with a small gift. My lovely Liz Claiborne wallet. I bought it in vivo with lynn + cousin. Just couldn't resist it and not only that...I need a new wallet. Mk know that I love this wallet very much so he decided to pay for me =P free wallettttttttttttttttttttttttt~~~~

Chinese New Year is around the corner and I only manage to get a dress and a top. Thats all!!! Don't forget about the angbaos that we are giving~~ its a blessing to be able to give~~!!! I am happy~~~ Some friends even tell me that "first year of marriage is excuse for giving", I think that is just so crap~ I mean its really nothing harming giving angbaos but of coz it can be quite painful when you really count how much you are giving. Still I feel good giving even tho the amount is huge. Like I always say... its a blessing to be able to give~~

Well angbaos aside...a new look for the start for both new year 2008 and chinese new year 2008~~ GONG XI FA FA FA FA FA FA FA FA FA FA CAI CAI CAI CAI CAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok... Some already know that I have balloted and choosen a flat... but that its on my next post, so I am not going to touch on this for now.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Driving with high heels

Not only that I didn't learn my lesson... I do it again! The 1st time I tried it with mk... I drove like shite. Yesterday I drove with even higher heels, drove like shite too! But I always prepare a pair of shoes in the car.. just in case! =D So strange, I could drive with boots when I am learning to drive. ZZZZZzzz....

Thursday, January 03, 2008

HAPPY 2008!!!


Anyway Happy 2008~~~ WOOOOO~~~ I am so excited about this year! Infact I am excited about every new year!!!! Feeling so fresh and lots of things waiting for me to do!!! YEAH YEAH YEAHHHHHHHH

We went labrador park to see fireworks and... accompanied by HUNDREDS! I will never go there again. As you know its only a park, so its only one way in and out... people start to park by the side and ended up with only ONE LANE to go in and out. It had reach til a point that the cars coming in had to reverse out in order to make way. Traffic police were there.. at 1.30am, we finally got outa the park and drove to tortoise garden Macdonald's (Farrer Road). Had a drink and left at about 2+am. Reach home at 3am.. ZzzZZzzzzz

Batam 2007~

The tour brought us to this bridge.. they said that its batam's most beautiful bridge. They were alot of hawkers trying to sell us food. Somehow the tour guide told us that some food might not be that hygienic~
They bring us to this chinese temple. Its so big that you can't believe it. Anyway even tho its very big... not much deco..~ I am there to take photos only =P
BIG BIG SHARKS AT THE RESTAURANT!!!! "Golden Prawn 888" is the name of the restaurant where we had seafood for lunch~~
This is a cutterfish!
Everything was good just for the toilets!!!!

Merry Christmas 2007~

One of my besties wedding! So tired!! Christmas eve I was prawn fishing til 2+am.. slept at only 3+am and I have to wakie at 5.30am to prepare then I head off to Lynn's place for her wedding. We are sooooo tired... anyway it was fun~ Asking the boys to wear the pongpong skirt and the "ka chang pu teh" bra. The boys are having so much FUN with the bra which somehow seems disgusting LOL. This is bernard's house void-deck. Finally finish with tea session..going to hotel~~~

Finish our long make up at the hotel from 3.30pm onwards til 6pm. Thank God for the make up to cover our sleepy eyes!
Last min request to do a march in before the couple march in~~
Poor bride cried her eyes out!
The drinking lasted until 7.30am. I was dead on the bed by 2+am. LOL

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I heart my shoes

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


My 2006 Christmas present from Lynn. Hot water killed it last week! +_+

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Happy Deepavali!!!!

Happy Deepavali~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
My indian coll brought these yummy snacks for the office!!!!!!!! They are so tasty!!!!!
My fav.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Be Responsible

I have come across people who are very irresponsible for their actions. Owners, pets, parents, littering, work, commitment…oh come on, the list just goes on. What is really wrong with these people? Can’t they just think of the consequences before they act? How do these people let these irresponsible actions get pass them? For me, I will probably die of guilt.

Just generally listing an example, if you buy a pet, you better make sure you can take care of them. Taking care of a pet is not just playing with them as when you like. BE RESPONSIBLE. Same goes to be responsible to your husband/wife, your parents, your children, your estate that you are staying, your work, your life and of coz don’t you even think of running away (or simply can’t be bothered kinda attitude) from commitments that YOU CHOOSE commit! There is always a choice, you created no choice.

Some kinda crap excuses. If you don’t know how to be responsible, THEN LEARN TO! If you don’t know how to learn or where to start, THEN ASK! No babies know how to walk when they are born. Everyone of us learn by looking, experience and asking.

Monday, November 05, 2007

byebye glasses. horray?

Recently I have been rather slow in updates mainly because too many things occurring at the same time. I think most of my friends know about my lasik surgery and the complications that I am facing now. To many others, I might seems fine but I just can’t stand sunlight or anything that’s flashing into my eye. The glare is great and it hurts. I wouldn’t know how others really feel after their lasik, even after forum readings, everything seems to be perfect until I went on hands on my very own eyes.

I totally regretted my decision and I am upset about it because that’s the only pair of eyes I have, and I have to destroy it. I don’t know how comfortable others are… perhaps it’s really time to share.

Everyone said that it’s a painless process but no one ever mention that it was a painless procedure. The room is cold because the machine needs cooling. They apply some med around my eye, drip some drop into my eye. It felt numb. I went into the surgery room, I was asked to rest on the bed and then they put on some shield on left eye. I have 3 surgery lights shining right on my eyes and the best part of it is that they ask you to open your eyes. The med that they drip onto my eye, it makes my eye sensitive to glare. They put a calliper on my eye so that I can’t close my eye, so now I am force to look into the lights.

They operated on my right eye. It felt nothing when the machine cut open the flip, transparent and soft, it looks like contact lens. After that, they ask me to look for the red light which is at the centre of 3 surgery lights and do not move my eye ball. Even tho there was no pain but the glare is killing me, I couldn’t help it but tear so much. The laser start shooting, it last for about 20secs and it gives out a burning smell. At that moment, I regret so much doing it. After closing the flip and put on a shield for me, they went to my left eye. Everything was very much alike just that I felt the machine cutting my eye ball. It was scary, I raise my voice saying it’s a little painful, they told me it was alright.

Everything was done within 15mins, I sat on a chair, and the doctor was using some sort of telescope to look into my eye. He saw a very small eyelash inside the flip on my left eye, then I have to lay down and he reopen the flip and clean it.

I couldn’t open my eyes because of the glares, mk drove me home. I try to sleep but my eyes are so acidic. They keep tearing non stop…it was horrible. At night, I could open my eyes but with my sunglasses. I couldn’t do anything another then sleeping, chatting on my phone and listen to radio. That’s when I realise how impt are my eyes, I took them for granted.

Complications arise after a week. Dry eyes affecting my vision and I need to be on vitamins C and fish oil dose every morning. Its truly terrible. Its 3 mths now, my left eye have some power left. I hope I really don’t need an enhancement. I am still sensitive to sunlight and some strong lights. My eye didn’t feel like my old eye ball anymore….I hope for fast recovery. I really regretted this…

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